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Crumbl Cookies East Peoria Menu, Prices & Location

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria Menu, Prices & Location

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria is another location of crumbl cookies for cookie lovers. Crumbl Cookies is based on the principle of delivering warm, freshly baked cookies to your home.

 Crumbl Roots started expanding from a small home kitchen and now become a nationwide sensation because of its rotating menu of delicious flavors and their quality. 

Located in the heart of East Peoria, Illinois, the Crumbl Cookies welcomes locals and visitors to enjoy the magic of freshly baked cookies. 

The crumbl cookies East Peoria location gives you a delightful experience for a seasoned Crumbl lover or a first-time visitor. 

This article will give you all the information about Crumbl Cookies, its East Peoria location its menu, and prices. 

Discover why these cookies have taken the hearts of cookie lovers.

When was Crumbl Cookies Founded?

The Crumbl Cookies is a small, homegrown business becoming a nationwide sensation.

 Crumbl Cookies was founded in 2017 by cousins Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan in Logan, Utah. 

Their approach was simple focusing on two key elements including using high-quality ingredients and a rotating menu of flavors. 

The Crumbl Cookies earned fame in Utah, just at the beginning of business. People’s love can seen through their wordy praise, social media buzz, and the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

 Their warm, oversized cookies and the pink boxes became the brand. With its popularity, Crumbl Cookies expanded its stores outside Utah’s borders. 

Their East Peoria location brings the magic of Crumbl Cookies to the heart of Illinois to satisfy their cookie cravings

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria Experience

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria location offers more than just delicious cookies. They provide the charm that enhances the overall cookie experience. 

The aroma of freshly baked warm cookies welcomes you as you enter the crumbl cookies store.

 They only provide take-away options to their customers, no contact delivery and no dining services are available there. The friendly staff makes you feel respected. 

The atmosphere at Crumbl Cookies East Peoria is designed to make your cookie experience more enjoyable. 

Their staff members create a positive and memorable customer experience. 

Crumbl Cookies loves to have suggestions from their customers regarding cooking creation and menu rotation. 

If you’re confused about which cookies to try, you can get help from the staff’s expertise. 


Crumbl Cookies stands out from other bakeries because of the unique concept of a rotating menu of flavors. 

The size of Crumbl’s cookies also sets them apart – they’re oversized. Crumbl’s attention to the present cookies like in pink boxes and attractive store design makes them unique.

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria Menu

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria’s menu of cookie flavors is set according to everyone’s reference.

 They include classics like Chocolate chip cookies and Sugar to more creative combinations like Chilled Sugar, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Biscoff Lava, to satisfy every craving. 

The taste and texture of each cookie are soft, chewy, and packed with flavor.

Some of the Most Popular Cookie Flavors


  • Chocolate Chip: Crumbl’s Chocolate Chip cookie combines chocolate chunks with a chewy cookie base.

  • Chilled Sugar: This sugar cookie has chilled creamy frosting for hot summer days.

  • Buckle Up Buttercup: This flavor combines peanut butter with chocolate chips.

  • Muddy Buddy: A mix of a peanut butter cookie base, powdered sugar, and chocolate drizzle.

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria Special Offers

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria also introduces special offerings, limited-time flavors, and seasonal cookies inspired by holidays, current culinary trends, or customer requests. 

During the holiday season, flavors like Peppermint Hot Cocoa or Gingerbread are available.

 In the spring fruity and floral selections like Lemon Glaze or Lavender White Chocolate are common. 

Visit the Crumbl Cookies official website or a nearby store to get more updates about offerings and discounts.

Crumbl Cookie East Peoria Prices

At Crumbl Cookies East Peoria, cookies are affordable. 

Crumbl prices may vary depending on the location and time.

 Prices of individual cookies are set according to the competitive marketplace, making it easy for customers to enjoy a single cookie or create their own customized box of flavors. 

Bulk Orders, Gift Boxes, and Catering Options

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria also serves for special occasions or moments like planning a party, celebrating a milestone, or simply wanting to brighten someone’s day.

 For larger gatherings or events, crumbl gives you the option to place bulk orders, of your favorite cookies for your guests.

 Crumbl offers beautifully packaged gift boxes, and delicious presents for birthdays, and holidays.

 Crumbl Cookies East Peoria provides catering options of their cookies, with the same taste and quality.

Crumbl Cookies Menu List


Regular Cookies




$ 4.25


Mini Cookies




$ 1.50


4-Pack Box


4-large warm gourmet cookies




6-Pack Box


6-large warm gourmet cookies




Party Box


12-large warm gourmet cookies




Crumbl cream Flavors at East Peoria

  • Brownie Fudge
  • Peanut Butter Brittle
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Cookie Dough Crunch

Regular and Mini Crumbl Cookie Flavors at East Peoria il

  • Milk Chocolate Chip
  • Strawberry Cake
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Cookie Butter White Chip
  • Buckye Brownie
  • Classic Pink Sugar

What are store the locations of Crumbl Cookies East Peoria?

Crumbl Cookie East Peoria il

Address: 406 W. Washington St. East Peoria, Illinois 61611
Phone: (309) 322-2767

Crumbl Cookies East Peoria Working Hours

Working Hours


8:00 AM - 10:00 PM



8:00 AM - 10:00 PM



8:00 AM - 10:00 PM



8:00 AM - 10:00 PM



8:00 AM - Midnight



8:00 AM - Midnight




Does Crumbl Cookies have Gluten-free Options?

Yes Crumbl now started serving gluten-free cookies to their customer in order to satisfy their cookie while maintaining their dietry requirements.

 Crumbl Cookies bake these gluten-free cookies in separate environment to avoid mixing which can cause health issues to the dietry patients.

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