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Best Crumbl Cookies Flavors

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Crumbl Cookies is famous for its unique and traditional cookie flavors. 


With 750+ stores nationwide, it’s becoming a well-known brand.


The Crumbl menu rotates six cookie flavors every week


But sugar and chocolate chips are always there.


Check out our list of the 29 best Crumbl cookies flavors, 


And let us know your favorite.

Best Crumbl cookies flavors

1.Brownie Batter

These cookies take a classic brownie’s rich, fudgy essence and transform it into a chewy soft cookie. 


This Delicious cookie combines chocolate, brownie batter, and semi-sweet chips.


The soft and sugary texture mirrors the charm of freshly made brownie batter. 


The deep cocoa flavors and velvety melted chocolate create a divine treat that will satisfy even the most intense chocolate cravings. 


Whether you enjoy them warm or save them for later, 

Brownie Batter Crumbl Cookies are a dream come true for anyone who loves chocolate.

2: Sea Salt Toffee


SEA SALT TOFFEE 🤤 Who wants this cookie!? ✋ #CrumblCookies

♬ Dynamic Fruit - DJ BAI

Imagine a delicious cookie that combines the flavors of toffee and milk chocolate chips sprinkled with a touch of sea salt. 


With every bite, you’ll enjoy the delightful crunch of toffee bits and the smooth creaminess of the milk chocolate pieces, all mixed into a soft and chewy cookie. 


The subtle saltiness enhances the sweetness, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. 


The best part? A big melted chunk of toffee on the edge adds extra heavenly touch.

3: Milk chocolate chip


Nothing beats MILK CHOCOLATE CHIP! 🍪 Drop a 🖤 for this timeless classic!👇#CrumblTogether #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

This cookie is not an ordinary milk chocolate chip cookie. 


It has Milk chocolate chips with a soft, chewy base and a rich, velvety chocolate flavor. 


The cookie dough’s sweetness perfectly complements the smooth and delicious milk chocolate chips. 


You can enjoy it warm or save it for later. 


The Milk Chocolate Chip Crumbl Cookie is a classic and timeless treat that will satisfy your cravings.

4: Maple Bacon


Have you tried this NEW flavor yet!? 🤤 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

It is a fluffy buttermilk cookie infused with the delightful essence of maple. 


A cinnamon sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting sounds delicious, and the maple frosting, syrup, and bits take it to the next level.


The Maple Bacon Cookie is a true delight for those who crave unique and delicious flavor combinations. 

5: Chocolate peanut butter Oreo

This cookie combines the rich flavors of chocolate and peanut butter. 


Yum! The classic cookie combination of chocolate and peanut butter. 


A cookie with a peanut butter filling and Oreo pieces sounds perfect for the sweet tooth.

6: Cookie Dough

Imagine combining your two favorite things: cookie dough and cookies. 


Well, guess what? The brilliant minds at Crumbl have already made it a reality! 


It shows the deliciousness of a cookie with a smooth layer of buttercream frosting on top.


Enjoy the delicious frosting cream that contains chunks of irresistible chocolate chip cookie dough and miniature chocolate pieces.


This cookie is a serious game-changer. 


It might even become an obsession, leaving you awaiting its return to the menu.

7: Snickerdoodle cupcake


If you’ve tried SNICKERDOODLE CUPCAKE, raise your hand! ✋ #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

With its signature crackly surface and irresistible aroma,


It combines cinnamon’s warmth and sugar’s sweetness in a soft cookie.


It is a delicious cinnamon sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.


These are delicious when fresh from the oven and rolled in cinnamon sugar. 


The cinnamon sugar coating gives it that distinctive Snickerdoodle flavor. 

8: Aggie Blue Mint

Aggie Blue Mint Crumbl Cookies provide a unique and refreshing experience. 


Mint cookies are chilled, allowing the icy mint flavor to burst in your mouth as you bite its soft crust.


Experience the delectable combination of cookies and cream, complemented by Aggie Blue buttercream topping.


Especially if you love mint chocolate, this cookie is bound to become your new favorite indulgence.


9: Strawberry Cheesecake


There is no such thing as too many slices of STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE 😍 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

This delicious treat features a soft cookie with strawberry and creamy cheesecake flavors. 


It creates a balance of sweetness and tanginess. 


Strawberry chunks place over the cookie. 


Topping it off is a creamy cheesecake frosting that adds a delicious touch. 


Whether you’re a fan of classic cheesecake or crave the irresistible combination of strawberries and cream, 


The Strawberry Cheesecake satisfies your dessert cravings. 

10: Raspberry Cheesecake


We’re drooling over RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE! Who else can relate? ✋ #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

Cheesecake and raspberry flavors combine in this cookie. 


With every bite, you’ll experience a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, leaving you craving more. 


The cookie is generously studded with raspberry pieces, providing bursts of fruity goodness in every bite. 


Topping off this delightful creation is a creamy cheesecake frosting that adds a delicious touch. 

Whether you’re a fan of raspberries, cheesecake or love trying unique and tasty treats, the Raspberry Cheesecake Crumbl Cookie is a must-try.

11: Key lime pie


Drop your review of KEY LIME PIE below! 👇 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

The Key Lime Pie Crumble Cookie combines the flavors of a tangy key lime pie and a sweet cookie. 


The Key Lime Pie cookie consists of a graham cracker base and a Centre filled with Key lime filling. 


It has a soft buttery cookie base filled with delicious key lime filling. 


The filling has a refreshing citrus taste balanced equally with the cookie’s sweetness. 


The crumbly topping adds a nice texture and extra Flavor. 


You’ll experience a burst of citrusy goodness combined with the comforting taste of a cookie. 

12: Lemon poppy seed

Like other crumbl cookie flavors, 


The Lemon Poppy Seed Crumbl Cookie combines the flavors of lemon and the crunch of poppy seeds. 


This cookie has a hint of tanginess from the lemon with a soft base texture. 


The cookie with an almond-flavored lemon glaze enhances the overall citrus experience. 

13: Ultimate peanut butter


Nothing beats ULTIMATE PEANUT BUTTER! Tag a peanut butter lover below 👇 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

You’ll adore the Ultimate Peanut Butter Crumble Cookie if you love peanut butter. 


This delicious treat is filled with nutty Flavor and topped with sugar for additional sweetness. 


This cookie is a dream come true, loaded with Peanut butter chunks and a sprinkle of sea salt. 


This Crumbl cookie is a true delight for those who adore peanut butter. 


This crumbl flavor is for serious peanut butter enthusiasts only.

14: Classic pink sugar cookie


There's nothing quite like the classics! Raise your hand if you're a Pink Sugar lover 🖤 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

The Classic Pink Sugar Crumbl Cookie is an absolute favorite among many. 


This cookie is a classic sugar cookie with a twist— vibrant pink! 


It features a vanilla sugar cookie base topped with a delightful pink almond frosting made with natural almond extract. 


It has a fruity taste of strawberries, cherries, and lemon from the almond extract. 


The pink sugar coating adds fun, making it a favorite among kids and Young Ones.


Its simple yet delicious taste makes it a good choice for birthday parties to Private gatherings. 


This cookie got the perfect balance between the cookie and frosting, creating a truly satisfying experience.

15: Monster cookie

The Monster Crumbl Cookie is a true beast of a treat. 


The cookie base contains a peanut butter flavor which is quite prominent. 


You’ll experience the delicious cookie packed with Peanut Butter, chocolate chips, M&M’s, oats, and shredded coconut. 


Enjoy the chocolate flavor, the crunch of M&M’s, and the irresistible Flavor of the oats. 


The touch of shredded coconut adds a tropical twist to the cookie. 

16: S'mores

The S’mores Crumbl Cookie is a delightful treat that captures the essence of a classic campfire favorite. 


This cookie takes inspiration from the traditional s’mores with a twist. 


It features a soft and chewy chocolate cookie base, studded with chunks of marshmallows and chocolate chips and topped with a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs. 


The presentation of the marshmallow on top is impressive. 


They merged the essence and taste of artificial chocolate and graham cracker.

17: Macadamia nut

Macadamia Nut Crumbl Cookie showcases the rich buttery Flavor of macadamia nuts.


Having a soft, chewy base cookie with creamy white chocolate drops (chips) and crunching from the roasted macadamia nuts. 


Adding nuts gives a distinctive flavor to the traditional cookie, which is highly favored by those who love nuts. 


If you’re a fan of white chocolate, you might still enjoy it.


18: Rocky Road


This Crumbl cookie takes inspiration from the classic ice cream flavor with a rich and fudgy chocolate base, 


It is loaded with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and crunchy nuts. 


It’s like a rocky road ice cream cone but in the form of a cookie. 


This newer addition to Crumbl’s lineup needs to meet expectations. 


You may be disappointed if you’re hoping for a cookie that tastes like ice cream. 


The marshmallow filling needs to be improved for the classic rocky road experience. 


However, the addition of almonds provides a satisfying crunch and texture. 

19: Birthday cake

This cookie gathers the essence of a classic birthday cake, packed with flavors of joy. 


It is loaded with colorful sprinkles and white chocolate chips, reflecting a traditional birthday cake’s sweet and festive taste. 


The cookie strikes a perfect balance of sweetness, delivering just the right amount of cake batter flavor without overwhelming the senses. 


Overall, it presents an almost flawless cookie experience.


20: Reese's Peanut Butter Cookie


brb drooling over PEANUT BUTTER CUP FT. REESE’S 🤤 Who’s with us!? 👇 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

The Reese’s Peanut Butter cookie brings together chocolate and peanut butter. 


It contains a peanut butter cookie base, a layer of chocolate, and peanut butter.


On top, pieces of Reese’s peanut butter cups are placed. 


If you’re a fan of peanut butter, this cookie is a definite must-try.

21: Churro


Drop your review for Churro below! 👇 CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

The Churro Crumbl Cookie is inspired by the famous churros found at fairs and festivals, with its cinnamon-sugar goodness and aroma. 


It has a soft cookie base, coated with cinnamon sugar buttercream, and the crispy exterior of a churro. 


It has a balanced amount of sweetness and warm cinnamon.

22: Waffle


Can we have your attention please? Waffle is back on the menu this week! 😍 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

The waffle cookie stands out with its enticing appearance for visually appealing and tasty Crumbl cookies. 


This cookie contains the Flavor of a fluffy waffle and a buttery cookie with maple syrup sweetness. 


You enjoy it as a breakfast or a delightful dessert. 


The Waffle Crumbl Cookie will satisfy your cravings. 


The cookie lacks overall Flavor. 


The syrup creates a sticky, somewhat messy eating experience. 


If you love waffles or have a strong affinity for maple flavor,


It could be one of your preferred Crumbl cookies.

23: Texas Sheet Cake


Drop your review of TEXAS SHEET CAKE below! 👇 #CrumblCookies

♬ I love U - Official Sound Studio


Crumbl Texas Sheet Cake is a classic American dessert started in Texas, renowned for its large, thin, and rich chocolate cake baked in a sheet pan. 


Imagine a soft and warm chocolate cookie that’s a bit like cake with smooth and gooey chocolate topping and some crispy toasted pecans on top. 


It tastes more like brownies from a mix, thick and slightly crispy. The nuts add a nice crunchy flavor. 


The result is a deliciously moist and fudgy cake with a glossy, slightly crispy chocolate frosting.

24: Dark Dream

Dark Dream is all about chocolate.


This is a rich chocolate cookie filled with melty, gooey semi-sweet chocolate chips. 


A chocolate cookie with chocolate chips inside and on top tastes really good. 


The best among Crumbl’s luxurious flavors is Dark Dream, full of yummy chocolate goodness.

25: Cinnamon Roll


Send this to a Cinnamon Roll lover! 😍 #CrumblCookies

♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

Cinnamon Roll is a tender cookie coated with a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon, topped with a frosting made from cream cheese. 


The layer of cinnamon sugar stands out in this cookie. 


It is a simple blend of butter, cinnamon, and sugar, not too fancy.


The Cinnamon Roll Crumbl cookie is a perfect example of simplicity combining cinnamon brown sugar and cream cheese frosting.

26: Cookie Butter Lava (Biscoff)

Cookie Butter Lava (Biscoff), is a warm, delicious cookie filled with Biscoff cookie butter, and topped with more Biscoff cookie butter crumbly bits.


This cookie didn’t have that creamy cookie flavor as expected. 


The cookie is quite plain and dry in my mouth.


It tastes like another cookie just didn’t turn out well. 

27: German Chocolate Cake

This is a yummy treat from Germany, with a soft chocolate cookie base,  covered with a chocolate drizzle and caramel coconut frosting.


It has a smooth and rich chocolate cookie with a taste of nuts and caramel. 


Additionally, the coconut and pecans are added to this recipe.


The Crumbl cookie flavor feels like cake, and it’s covered with a frosting made of caramel, coconut, and pecans.

28: Hawaiian Rainbow Cake

A big and thick cookie, covered with a smooth caramel frosting and caramel popcorn on top. 


The Hawaiian Rainbow Cake has smooth cookie dough and rich caramel frosting.

29: Mango Frozen Yogurt

A chilled mango cookie with smooth vanilla frosting and mango yogurt on top. 


It tastes more delicious when served with dried mangoes.


This cookie is a treat for fruit lovers, having fruity flavors, 


Frequently Asked Questions

1:What are the best Crumbl cookies flavors?


Our blog lists the 29 best Crumbl cookie flavors, showing various delicious options.


2:Are these Crumbl cookies flavors available at all Crumbl stores?


Crumbl rotates its cookie flavors so that availability may vary by location and time. 


Check with your local Crumbl store for their current menu.


3:Can I find these Crumbl cookie flavors year-round?


Some flavors may be seasonal or limited-time offerings, 


Crumbl does have staple flavors like sugar and chocolate chips that are available year-round.


4:Are these flavors suitable for specific dietary preferences or restrictions?


Crumbl offers a range of flavors, including gluten-free and vegan options, but some may only be suitable for some diets. 


Check the ingredients or consult with Crumbl staff for detailed nutritional information.

5:Can I mix and match different flavors when ordering?


Crumbl typically offers cookie flavors individually, but some stores may offer special deals or customizable options. 


Inquire with your local Crumbl store for more information.


6:How often does Crumbl introduce new cookie flavors?


Crumbl introduces new cookie flavors periodically, keeping their cookies menu fresh and exciting. 


You can stay updated by following Crumbl’s social media or visiting their website.


7:Can I request a specific flavor if it’s not on the crumbl menu?


While Crumbl generally follows a rotating menu, you can provide feedback or suggestions to your local store. 


They may consider customer requests when planning future flavors.


8:Can I order these Crumbl cookie flavors for delivery or pickup?


Yes, Crumbl offers various ordering options, including delivery and pickup services.


9:How can I find the nearest Crumbl store to try these Crumbl cookie flavors?


You can visit the official Crumbl website and locate the nearest store in your areaCrumbl store in your area.


10:Can I share my favorite Crumbl cookies flavor with you?


Yes, I love to hear; you can share in the comments section or on social media.Crumbl


Crumbl Cookie offers a wide range of Crumbl Cookies flavors catering to every taste preference.


From classic favorites like chocolate chip and sugar cookies to creative combinations like Brownie Batter and Sea Salt Toffee, 


There is something for everyone. 


Each cookie is carefully baked to deliver a delicious experience. 


The flavors on our list are sure to impress cookie lovers. Whether you crave a Brownie Batter cookie’s rich, fudgy essence, 


The perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness in the Sea Salt Toffee, 


Or the joy of a Churro cookie, Crumbl has it all. 


Explore the crumbl cookie menu, discover your favorites, 


and tell us which Crumbl cookie flavors steal your heart. 

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