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Crumbl Cookies Lincoln Ne Menu & Location - Guide 2023

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Crumbl Cookies Lincoln Ne Menu & Location

A rapidly growing gourmet cookie bakery has taken the sweet world by storm with its unique approach to cookie creation. 

Their mission is to redefine the classic cookie experience, with an array of freshly baked, oversized unique flavors and combinations of cookies. 

In Lincoln, Nebraska, the Crumbl Cookies branch stands out because of its irresistible treats, which keep on inviting locals and visitors. 

Crumbl Cookies Lincoln’s ne store is located near O Street and Conter Boulevard. Crumbl Cookies has opened more than 800+ stores in the United States. 

Here we’ll discuss the crumbl cookies at Lincoln’s ne location, menu, and delivery services.

Crumbl Cookies Lincoln ne Opening Date

Initially, two cousins started crumbl cookies in Utah. They served people freshly baked gourmet cookies through delivery and take-away services in 2017.  

On March 10, 2023, Crumbl Cookies opened its store near the Public Schools headquarters at 6005 O St. From March 15, 2023, Crumbl Cookies Started their delivery, curbside pickup, and catering services.

Crumbl Cookies Lincoln ne Services

Crumbl Cookies in Lincoln, Nebraska services are designed in a way to elevate the cookie experience for everyone who walks through its doors. 

Fresh Cookies

Crumbl Cookies in Lincoln, Nebraska, makes the yummiest cookies. They bake a variety of flavors and serve them just out of the oven, which are soft, gooey, and delicious.

Weekly Rotating Menu

Crumbl Cookies menu rotates weekly, making customers keep anticipating new flavors. Customers are always in for a delicious surprise. This approach always brings something new and exciting to try.

Online Ordering and Delivery

Crumbl Cookies can be ordered online through their website or mobile app. Browse through the available menu, place their orders, and choose to pick it up in-store or deliver it straight to your doorstep.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside service allows customers to place their orders online and opt for a seamless, contactless pickup experience at the store, making it easy to enjoy the cookies on the go.

Special Events and Catering

Crumbl Cookies Lincoln caters to special events and gatherings. They offer catering including customized cookie selections for events, parties, corporate meetings, and more.

Who Operates Crumbl Cookies Lincoln ne?

The owner of the Crumbl store in Lincoln, Tracy Brunson, said that Crumbl is unique because they change their cookie flavors every week. 

Unlike other cookie stores, Crumbl offers a wide variety, with over 200 different flavors. 

The extent of cookie baking is huge, as the store operator, Tracy Brunson, said the store consumes 50 pounds of flour and 50 pounds of sugar every day. 

Crumbl Cookies Lincoln ne Menu

Crumbl cookies Menu shows the price per cookie

Menu Item

Regular Cookies






Mini Cookies






Crumbl Cookie Pack Menu

Crumbl cookie pack menu includes the following

Menu Item

4-Pack Box


4-large warm gourmet cookies




6-Pack Box


6-large warm gourmet cookies




Party Box


12-large warm gourmet cookies




Crumbl Catering Menu

Crumble Catering is a chain of stores that organize events and offers a catering menu. 

Crumbl is famous for conducting events with unique menus and catering. 

The company has planned events for the general public and social and political figures.  

This company is great for big or small events on a limited budget.

Menu Item

Crumbl cookies Regular
Size weekly Flavors

Minimum 50 cookies: 10 cookies per flavor




Crumbl cookies Regular
Catering Flavors

Minimum 100 cookies per flavor


$ 280.00


Crumbl cookies Mini
Size weekly Flavors

Minimum 50 cookies; 10 cookies per flavor




Crumbl cookies Mini
Catering Flavors

Minimum 100 cookies per flavor


$ 125.00


Crumbl Cookies Lincoln ne Location

Address: 6005 O Street Suite I, Lincoln, Nebraska 68510


Phone: (402) 413-0259

Crumbl Cookies Lincoln ne working Hours

Following are the crumbl cookie hours at the store.



8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


8:00 AM - Midnight


8:00 AM - Midnight



Crumbl Cookies -ne-North Lincoln Reviews

1:Bryce P.

2:Imgur M.


The Crumbl Cookies, Nebraska branch is quite appealing. 

With over 200 unique flavors crumbl brings an exciting twist to the traditional cookie experience.

 Their menu options, catering, and even franchise opportunities add depth to the narrative. 


1:What makes Crumbl Cookies unique?

Crumbl Cookies stands out for its rotating menu with over 200 different flavors in rotation.

2:How can I order Crumbl Cookies?

Place your order through their official website or mobile app. 

3:Does Crumbl Cookies offer gluten-free or vegan options?

Crumbl Cookies primarily focuses on traditional cookie options. It is recommended to check with your local store for any special dietary offerings.

4:Can I place a custom order for a special event or party?

Yes, You can customize your order to suit your preferences and make your event even sweeter.

5:How to get Crumbl Cookie Franchise?

If Someone wants to open a crumbl cookie franchise, he has to invest a certain amount minimum of $25,000.

 To own Crumbl Cookies brand name investment ranges from $229,666 to $574,833.

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