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Crumbl Cookies Nutrition facts

Crumbl cookies nutrition facts outshine even the most delicious flavors.  Big, soft, and chewy cookies come in different flavors. 

Crumbl cookies’ nutritional facts are revealed in this article like their calories, ingredients, and balanced consumption. 

Crumbl cookies are yummy and famous cookies with their large size, unique flavors, and soft texture. People are shocked about crumbl cookie calories. 

Just look at the example of crumbl cookie calories. 300 calories in Chocolate Chip, 280 calories in Snickerdoodle, and so on with other flavors. 

The main reason for such a large number of calories is the use of ingredients like Butter, Sugar, Flour, and Eggs. 

Crumbl cookies do have some nutritional value including Protein, Fiber, and Calcium. 


Crumbl Cookies Nutrition Facts

Crumbl cookie nutritional facts vary with their size and flavor, approximate values of nutritional content include calories ranging from 300-400 per cookie. 

Fats content in cookies is from 20-30g and sugar 30g each cookie changes according to flavor.

 Cookies’ maximum protein content is 4-6g alongside these cookies contain vitamins, fibers, and minerals in a very less ratio as compared to calories and fat. 

Crumbl cookies nutrition facts of some cookies are shown here

Lemon Bar & Vanilla Crumb Cake

The labels depict the nutritional facts of a whole cookie and its serving size. 

Major portion includes fats and carbohydrates. 

It is better to eat a crumbl cookie serving size than a whole cookie. 

They are tasty but not primarily good for health because of so many calorie counts.

Tips to Eat Crumbl Cookies in a Healthy Way

  • Choose the cookie which is low in calories, some flavors have low calories like lemon poppyseed and others
  • Do not eat crumbl cookies to full, take some fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.
  • Always listen to your body’s hunger signals and eat the food according to body demands like the body demanding a meal or cookie cravings.
  • Share your cookie with your friends, in his way you can enjoy cookie without overeating.
  • Keep your body hydrated to prevent high-calorie consumption.


Are Crumbl cookies healthy?

Crumbl cookies are high in calories, fat, and sugar. It is not good to consume them regularly but occasionally.

How many calories are there in a Crumbl cookie?

Crumbl cookie calories depend on the flavor and size, they generally have 300 to 400 calories per cookie.

Is there any low-calorie crumbl cookie?

Crumbl has some low-calorie flavors like oatmeal or lemon poppyseed.

where can I find nutritional information?

Crumbl provides nutritional information for each flavor, to help you make healthy choices.

Does crumbl cookie have gluten-free cookies?

Crumbl has gluten-free cookies available in different locations. 

Are all crumbl cookies nutrition facts the same in all regions?

Crumbl cookies’ nutritional facts vary according to ingredients and baking process.



Crumbl cookies are delicious and can be enjoyed as a balanced diet. 

Eat them occasionally with other healthy foods. 

Each cookie has a different nutritional value you can choose that is suitable for your health. Share cookie cookies with others to avoid high-calorie intake.

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