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How Big are Crumbl Cookies In Inches

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How big are crumbl cookies in Inches?

Good things come in all shapes and sizes, especially regarding cookies, There is a range of Crumbl cookie sizes to satisfy every craving and occasion.


Sometimes you need a bite-sized treat, and other times you want a cookie as big as your dreams. Crumbl has got you covered with various range of cookie sizes. 


How big are crumbl cookies let’s cover all the questions regarding crumbl cookie sizes and many more. 

Size of Regular and Mini Cookies in Inches

Basically there are two different crumbl cookie sizes.

A single regular Crumbl Cookie is enough to keep you full for some time, thanks to its generous dimensions ranging 4.5 inches in diameter.  

However, the mini cookies are about 3 inches, making them a considerable size for a quick afternoon boost or a late-night snack. 

Regular and Mini Crumbl Cookies Size in Inches with Picture

How many servings are there in one crumbl cookie?

One Crumbl cookie is considered a single serving, providing a enjoyable treat for one person.

However, these cookies are so delicious that you might want to split them into smaller portions to share with friends and loved ones.

One big crumbl cookie can be served in four slices However, the mini crumbl cookie is served as an individual one. 

Depends upon you and your cravings, With how many people you want to slice your cookie is your choice.

Are All crumbl cookies of the same size?

While Crumbl offers a variety of mouthwatering Crumbl cookie flavors, it’s important to note that not all cookies are available in the same size.

There exists slight variation in their different crumbl cookie flavors size. 

Each cookie is carefully made to provide a delightful and substantial satisfaction. Whether slightly large or slightly small, every Crumbl cookie deserves to be savored.

Crumbl cookies size comparison

Crumbl cookies’ size can be compared with the size of a disc. Every Crumbl cookie is around 4.5″ in diameter and they weight around 5.5 ounces each. 

That is almost one inch bigger than a donut thus, this Crumbl cookies size comparison should put the idea of the cookie size.

Look at other examples:

Comparing the size of a Crumbl Cookie to other well-known desserts, it resembles a small pancake or a waffle. Similarly, a mini Crumbl Cookie resembles a cupcake.

What are the Crumbl cookies box sizes?

A single box of regular-sized cookies Is enough for a group of 4-5 individuals.

The price of this Delicious box depends on your cookie’s quantity preference and desired budget.

  • 4-pack contains 4 regular-sized cookies.
  • 6-pack contains 6 regular-sized cookies.
  • 12-pack contains 12 regular-sized cookies.

A box of 12 cookies is also termed a “Dozen Box” or “Party Box”.


1:Can we customize the size of my Crumbl cookies?

Crumbl cookies come in standard sizes and cannot be customized in terms of size. However, there may have seasonal or special edition cookies that deviate from regular size.

2:How does the size of Crumbl cookies compare to other cookie brands?

Crumbl cookies are known for their generous size compared to many other cookie brands. They are larger, delicious and more satisfied.

3:Are there options for larger cookie sizes at Crumbl?

Crumbl may introduce larger cookie sizes as part of their limited-time menu offerings or as special promotions. 

4:Can I order a specific number of cookies as per one’s need?

Yes, you can typically order a specific quantity of cookies from Crumbl. Their pack size include 4-pack, 6-pack, or 12-pack boxes, you can choose according to your preference and requirements.

5:Any recommendations for slicing Crumbl cookies to serve multiple people?

While Crumbl cookies are usually enjoyed individually, you can slice them into smaller portions to serve multiple people. 

6:Do the prices of Crumbl cookies vary depending on their size?

The prices of Crumbl cookies may vary depending on factors such as the quantity you order and any additional toppings or flavors you choose.

7:Are there any special deals or discounts for ordering larger quantities of cookies?

Crumbl occasionally offers promotions or discounts for larger quantities of cookies, such as discounted prices for buying multiple boxes or special bundle deals. 

Check their website or inquire with your local Crumbl store for current offers.

Final Thoughts:

Crumbl cookies are known for their generous size, with regular-sized cookies measuring approximately 4 inches in diameter. 

These treats are perfect for a single satisfying cookie experience. 

They can also be sliced or shared to accommodate multiple individuals, making them versatile for serving purposes. 

Customized cookie size may be limited to the standard offerings.

The prices of Crumbl cookies may vary based on factors like quantity and additional toppings, and there may be special deals or discounts available for ordering larger quantities. 

Order your box of Crumbl cookies and discover why their size sets them apart from the rest!

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