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How much is a dozen Crumbl cookies

How much is a dozen Crumbl cookies?

A question raised in everyone’s mind while enjoying themselves with delicious buttery cookies. Frequently, people treat themselves to savoring a dozen cookies.

These cookies taste great and serve great on special occasions, but people wonder how much does Crumbl cookies cost.

These delicious cookies are famous for their extraordinary Crumbl flavors, leaving a question of their price often coming to mind.

We’ll provide you a straightforward and concise breakdown of Crumbl prices.

Crumbl Cookies Regional Price Variation

In different regions, different stuff costs on the basis of how much it costs to run the store in that area, how much people are able to pay, and the position of economy of that region. 

The price of a box of dozen Crumbl Cookies also varies in different places. The cost of crumbl cookies totally depends on the location of crumbl store. 

 It’s okay if the price is a bit different in different places. Crumbl makes sure that their prices are within the budget of people of that location and that they can still compete with other cookie places.

Crumbl Comparison with Other Cookie Brands

Crumbl has different flavors having super-sized and unique regular cookies. These cookies are made with a crispy part.

 They are quite different from the usual home-baked cookies. The flavors like Key Lime Pie, Gingerbread Cake, Ruby Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake, and even a cookie version of circus animal crackers with frosting and sprinkles are unique and delicious.

 One should also try Duchess Cookies, Gideon’s Bakehouse, or Levain Bakery. 

Crumbl Cookies cost on Deals And Packages

A dozen of crumbl cookies or a 12-pack party box is itself a part of crumbl deals to accommodate the low budget.

 Crumbl Cookies has good deals giving you more than your money. They have deals like when you buy one box of cookies you’ll get another box for free, and crumbl cookies cost will be discounted on buying a lot of cookies at once. 

Their special packages have cookies more delicious than regularly served cookies. People love to save money and enjoy delicious cookies of different flavors.

 Special offers and discounts change the price of a box of Crumbl Cookies, at certain times, like holidays or weekdays.

 Crumbl sells more cookies through their special deals, and customers around come back to buy cookies.

What is the price of Crumbl cookies?

Regular and crumbl mini cookie prices are different from the crumbl cookies box prices. Regular gourmet cookie crumbl cost around $4.25 to $4.48.

 Crumbl cookie prices seem a bit expensive compared to other cookie brands.

 Crumbl box prices are given below

Menu Item

4-Pack Box


4-large warm gourmet cookies


$ 16.49


6-Pack Box


6-large warm gourmet cookies


$ 22.99


Party Box


12-large warm gourmet cookies


$ 40.99


Unique flavors Prices

Crumbl Cookies special flavors have different prices, one-of-a-kind or seasonal flavors need expensive harder-to-find ingredients, making the price a bit high.

 These special flavors are more creative, While regular flavors stay the same price. 

The same is the case with crumbl box prices, these unique and limited-time flavors make the cost of a box go up or down.

Factors influencing Crumbl Cookies prices

What's Inside:

 The quality of stuff used to make Crumbl Cookies more or less affects the crumbl cookie prices. The good or organic things increase the crumbl prices.

Kinds of Flavors:

 Special flavors have different crumbl prices. Because in special flavors like seasonal the ingredients used are costly and limited ultimately affecting the price of crumble cookies.

How They Look:

Sometimes the cookies are packed or presented as  nice boxes or limited edition boxes, increasing the cost

Size and Weight:

The size of crumbl cookies also affects the size, the higher the size higher the price. 

Where you are:

How much a dozen Crumbl Cookies cost depends on the location of the crumbl store. Different stores have different costs depending on how things sell in that particular area can change the final price.

Deals and Savings:

Crumbl deals or special offers can change how much you pay for a dozen cookies. Sometimes deals discount the prices of cookies helping them to sell more.

Economy Stuff:

Crumbl prices are greatly affected by the economic structure and position of that state, leading to changes in how much you pay.

Getting Them Delivered:

 The cookies are to be delivered to you or if you choose to ship increase the cost of cookies.

When People Want Them:

When many people want Crumbl Cookies, like during holidays, the price goes up because of increased demand.

Other Bakeries:

 In order to stay within the competition Crumbl changes the prices of deserts and cookies according to competitors to increase sales, it may increase or decrease the price.


1:Why do Crumbl Cookie prices differ from one location to another?

The cost of Crumbl Cookies can vary because each area has different demands for cookies and different costs to run the bakery. 

2:Why there is a price difference between regular and special flavors of Crumbl Cookies?

Special flavors have different prices because they use unique or expensive ingredients, affecting the overall cost of the cookies.

3:How do promotions and deals affect Crumbl Cookies prices?

Promotions and deals, like discounts or special offers, can make the cookies more affordable and influence the price you see on the regular menu.

4:Why might the packaging of Crumbl Cookies impact the price?

The packaging of Crumbl Cookies can add to the cost, premium packaging of gift boxes or limited edition designs, can contribute to a higher price.

5:How do economic factors affect Crumbl Cookies prices?

Indirectly economic conditions, like inflation or supply chain disruptions, can impact the Crumbl Cookie prices.

 The ingredients or production changes due to these factors, influencing the crumbl cookie prices.


The delicious mystery of Crumbl Cookie prices unwrapped how much is a dozen crumbl cookies. Things like location affect the crumbl cookie prices. 

It’s not just about the cookie only, but the place they’re made and unique flavors. It is smart how Crumbl uses its deals to make cookies more tempting and affordable.

 Its comparison with other bakeries is like a friendly cookie competition.

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