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Why Did Crumbl Remove Classic Pink Sugar Cookie from Menu

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Why Did Crumbl Remove Classic Pink Sugar Cookie from Menu?

Classic Pink Sugar cookie has been removed from the crumbl cookies menu and is added to the rotating cookies menu list.

Crumbl Cookies is popular for its delicious cookies. They have a variety of soft and chewy cookies, their pink sugar cookie has a special place in the hearts of cookie lovers. 

The pink sugar cookie has a sweet and flavorful taste, along with its charming pink appearance.

 However, Crumbl Cookies rotates its menu as per customer preferences and seasonal themes.

 This practice helps the bakery to be prominent because it continually provides cookies that are according to customer priorities.

 Crumbl cookie prices are set carefully considering the cost of production and efficiency in baking when deciding their weekly menu

They temporarily removed certain cookies, like the pink sugar cookie, to customer maintain affordability and optimize operations. 

The removal of the pink sugar cookie has made many fans sad, Crumbl cookies remains open to revising its menu in the future, in order to bring the customer’s beloved cookie back to their menu.

Official Statement from Crumbl Founder

When did Crumbl Cookies remove their Classic Pink Sugar Cookie from the weekly menu?

In April 2022, Crumbl Cookies surprised their customers by taking off the pink sugar cookie from their menu. 

This news went viral from their social media pages and gave fans a limited time to buy some extra cookies before they were no longer available. 

They gave ideas to their customers to store them in the freezer to enjoy them later. 

Along with this twist crumbl also added a little bit of change in their recipe for pink sugar cookies back in September 2022. 

The recipe now includes a vanilla sugar cookie with pink almond icing. 

Some of the crumbl cookies fans liked this new version of classic pink sugar cookies because they used real almond extract, which is healthy. 

However, some of their fans are worried because of nut allergies due to the almonds used in the cookie. 

Why did they remove their classic pink Sugar cookie?

The pink sugar cookie usually liked y many of the crumbl cookie lovers. But at the same time, some people didn’t like the classic pink sugar cookie. 

Crumbl always tries to create unique and yummy cookies, in order to delight their fans to taste something different each week.

 Through some surveys, crumbl cookies noticed that some of their fans weren’t happy with the pink cookie. 

It is possible that they took off their classic pink sugar cookie from their weekly menu to make their fans and give them the option to try something new.

When does classic pink sugar crumbl cookie be back on Crumbl Cookies Weekly Menu?

In July 2023, the cookie was taken off the menu again and hasn’t fully come back yet. 

It is not as frequent as before, one can use Crumbl’s idea of buying in bulk and storing them in the freezer.

 Another way to get a cookie like a crumb classic pink sugar cookie is to make it through Copycat Pink Sugar Cookie recipes.

Easy Homemade crumbl sugar cookie recipe

Classic Pink sugar crumbl cookies can now be easily prepared with our copycat crumbl sugar cookie recipe. 

We’ll discuss the crumbl sugar cookie recipe in three steps, Ingredients for cookie dough, sugar icing preparation, and the equipment required. 

Stay with us to grab the delicious pink sugar cookie recipe. Let’s start with the necessary ingredients.

Crumbl Pink sugar cookie Dough Ingredients


Baking Powder

Add half a spoon of baking powder for a fluffy texture.


One cup of unsalted butter and bring it to room temperature.


Same as with butter, bring the egg to room temperature.

All-purpose flour

Take 3 cups of flour.

Almond/Vanilla extract:

1/2 spoon of vanilla or almond extract.

Powdered Sugar

1 cup of sugar

Vegetable oil

To increase cookie softness, add oil to it.


Add 2-3 pounds of salt to balance the sugar and flavor extracts.

Crumbl Pink sugar cookie icing Ingredients


Food color

Add red or pink food color as required.


1-2 pinch.


Room temperature butter half cup.


3-4 spoons full

Almond or Vanilla extract

1 teaspoon.

Powdered Sugar

2-3 cups.

Icing sugar preparation

Add butter to a bowl for icing sugar preparation and blend it to cream.

Add the sugar, milk, and almond extract to it. Add the pink or red food color as required and blend the mixture well. 

Place the icing in the fridge until the preparation of cookies.

Customer Reviews on the Removal of Classic Pink Sugar Cookie

First Review:

“pink sugar is going away? well. it looks like pink sugar will be leaving, again. i saw a post on here saying crumbl is taking it away after week 7/2-7/9 & it seems to be true but idk. anyways, time to stock up before then😭 lol or does anyone have a copycat recipe that actuallyyy tastes like crumbls pink sugar?”

Second Review:

“The town I grew up in had a small bakery that made iced sugar cookies and they used almond extract in them. The pink sugar cookie reminds me so much of my childhood but I understand that it can be an off-putting flavor for folks that haven’t had it much before”

Many Pink Sugar Cookie Fans Disappointed as well and Share their Expressions on different Platforms.


Why did Crumbl get rid of pink sugar?

Pink Sugar Crumbl cookies is one of the Mysterious Flavors of Crumbl cookie. 

Some fans love to have pink sugar cookie in their menu but many others don’t like it. 

That’s why crumbl remove pink sugar from their menu and give chance to other flavors.

This is not the first time crumbl remove this flavor.

Why is there no sugar cookie at Crumbl?

Pink Sugar Cookies is the default weekly flavor offered by Crumbl Cookies ,but on demand of their customers they removed sugar cookie from their menu and add milk chocolate chip and semi-sweet chocolate chip as an alternative.

Does Crumbl cookie ever bring back flavors?

Yes! Crumbl Bring back flavors on customer demand and on special events. Crumbl also bring back Pink sugar cookie but not to often.


Removal of Pink Sugar Cookie is disappointment for its lovers but on the same time it is a chance for people to try more flavors.

If you are the one who votes to remove Pink Sugar cookie then there is a chance for yout o try new delicious flavors every week and give feedback to crumbl cookies


If your are a fan of Pink Sugar Cookie then we have a Solution for you. You can Use Pink Sugar Cookie Duplicate recipe and try it at your home.

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